Testing & Simulation

Our photometry and engineering laboratories are critical to the product development services we offer our clients. We capture the performance data that helps shed light on ways to create new and improved products.

Whether it is precision instrumentation optical systems … or demanding luminance or illuminance lighting solutions … we have the equipment and expertise to simulate, test and capture the needed data.

Photometric Lab Equipment/Facilities
  • Labsphere 1.5 m integrating sphere system
  • Labsphere 20″ LMS-200 integrating sphere system
  • Radiant Vision Systems IC-PMI2 colorimeter
  • Radiant Vision Systems NFMS-800 goniometer
  • Radiant Vision Systems PM-AC4001 metal halide illuminance calibration source
  • UV-VIS radiometers
  • Ocean Optics and Asensetek spectrometers
  • Melles Griot 4′ x 6′ optical bench
  • Various imaging cameras
  • Image analysis software
  • Photonics experimentation laboratory (500 ft²)
  • Photometry (dark room) laboratory (800 ft²)

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