LumenFlow Optics at K Show

An automotive LED headlamp optic custom-designed by LumenFlow Corp is featured at K Show 2019. The exhibit demonstrates the unique capabilities of Dow SILASTIC™ MS-1002 Moldable Optical Silicone to excel in demanding environmental conditions and to enable complex optic design that cannot be replicated with more rigid materials.The trade show is open now through October 23 […]

LumenFlow Corp. Light Engine Capabilities

LumenFlow Corp. recently demonstrated light engine capabilities through the design of an aquarium light meant for accelerated coral growth. This design utilizes LumenFlow’s patented technology to deliver light efficiently to an area approximately 1000 mm below the light engine. The LED choices were made with special attention towards the spectral content needed for coral growth […]

LumenFlow Corp. presents talk at Envision 2018

November 1, 2018 – Waylin Wing, Ph.D., of LumenFlow Corp. is giving a 30-minute presentation to industry leaders at Envision 2018, November 5th in Las Vegas, NV. This event brings together engineers and industry scientists to share new design techniques, methods, experiences, and technologies related to Zemax software. You can learn more about Envision 2018 […]

LumenFlow Corp. silicone optics demonstrated at NPE 2018

Silicone optics designed by LumenFlow Corp. will be displayed and demonstrated at the 2018 NPE conference. These optics will be part of a molding demonstration at the W4143 booth. If you need optical design for silicone optics, please contact us here.

LumenFlow attends LightFair International 2018

LumenFlow Corp. will be attending LightFair International 2018 in Chicago while supporting Dow Chemical. This is the 5th year LumenFlow will be attending the show. LumenFlow will have optics on display at booth #4445. If you have any questions about our products, or want to setup a time to discuss with us at the booth, […]

LumenFlow presents talk on Optical Silicones at 2018 International Silicone Conference

LumenFlow is presenting a talk titled, “Moldable Optical Silicones – Material Introduction, Adoption, and Innovation from a User’s Perspective”, at the 2018 International Silicone Conference held on April 10-11. This conference is a biennial event, and this year takes place in Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA. Brian Zatzke, LumenFlow Corp. President, will be giving this talk. Abstract: […]

LumenFlow exhibits at the 2018 Strategies in Light conference

LumenFlow Corp. will be exhibiting at the Strategies in Light (SIL) 2018 conference at booth #419 – “Dow Performance Silicones & LumenFlow Corp”, which is taking place on February 13 – 15. This year LumenFlow will be demonstrating their LED-based silicone optics. If you have any questions about our products, or want to setup a […]

LumenFlow exhibits at Photonics West 2018

LumenFlow Corp. will be exhibiting at the SPIE Photonics West 2018 event at booth 2526. This event is the largest photonics trade show and conference in the U.S., with over 1300 companies and 20,000 attendees. LumenFlow will be demonstrating their S.W.I.R. lenses, new 660nm laser platform for O.E’s, and moldable optical silicone freeform optics.. If […]

LumenFlow presents talk at the 2017 Optis Industry Day event

LumenFlow presented a 30-minute talk to industry leaders at the 2017 OPTIS Industry Day event on June 21st in Auburn Hills, MI. This event brought together OEMs, suppliers, engineers, and industry scientists to share new technologies, customer needs, and experiences using the OPTIS platform. You can learn more about this event here, and view LumenFlow’s presentation here. This […]

LumenFlow will exhibit with Dow Corning at LightFair

  LightFair International 2017 is coming up on May 9 – 11, and LumenFlow Corp. will be co-exhibiting with Dow Corning® at booth #2557 (click here to see the press release). LightFair is the largest annual trade show for architectural and commercial lighting, with over 550 exhibitors. This year LumenFlow will be presenting their newest […]