The Power of Light

Bring the intensity of LED light and silicone optics with reliable, efficient and long-performing surgical and exam lighting systems. LumenFlow studies all facets of your healthcare application and custom-tailors solutions with precisely the light fidelity you need.

Now more than ever, attention is on ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to disinfect and kill microorganisms. Leveraging short-wavelength UV light, we help you deliver reliable and efficient UVGI lighting solutions to healthcare.

LumenFlow Ramen Spectromony

Raman Spectroscopy

Our Raman spectroscopy-grade collectors, collimators and image transfer lens assemblies are available in a variety of near infrared and visible wavelengths to use assist in medical, pharmaceutical and metrological applications. Our solutions include customization of form factors and optical coatings designed to maximize performance with specific probes.

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