Detect Precision

Detect hidden defects in screws or bolts. Ensure proper thread counts. Keep cylindrical casings free from flaws. Measure the accuracy of standard gauge pins to establish tool precision and consistency with our low-noise laser systems.

LumenFlow metrological technologies are both optically stable — providing higher resolution — and mechanically stable — enabling easier assembly and safer transportation.

Lighting for machine vision and instrumentation technologies often requires very stringent performance expectations. LEDs are the source of choice for cost, safety, reliability and light control versus conventional lamp sources. Our background in precision photonics ensures a thorough and complete understanding of what it takes to meet these critical needs and to design illumination optics or systems that perform as required.

LumenFlow Machine Vision Lens System

We designed a unique 360 degree view lens system that allows a user to capture high-resolution/low-distortion information view from interior and exterior a cylindrical surfaces within a region of interest — in one view, with one camera (COMMA) down to 40 µm resolution.

LumenFlow 360 Degree External View lens system

The sample as viewed on screen (left), and the etching detail analyzed by
third-party software (right)

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