Lighting the Way

On the field, lighting the scoreboard, on the street, in the office building, above the assembly line. From parking lots to retail spaces, we can help you meet evolving interior and exterior lighting needs — with products designed for high performance, as well as compatibility with the most advanced sensors, control systems and building management technologies.

Boost the reliability of your products and systems with lighting solutions designed withstand impacts degradation from UV, heat and environmental extremes.

Interior Lighting

Create a mood. Enhance a customer experience. Improve productivity and safety. Create an optimal growing environment.

Wall washes, under cabinet lighting packages, bay lighting and other interior lighting help make spaces more functional, efficient and beautiful.

Exterior Lighting

Intense sports lighting without the glare. Municipal lighting that helps control light pollution. Roadway lights that distribute light in a more efficient and uniform manner, ensuring safety standards are met.

Anywhere long-throw lighting is needed, we can help with a solution that delivers the performance you want with energy management in mind.

How can we help with your application?