Optical Silicone Injection Molding

Putting Light Into Production

We have a long history of using high-performance moldable optical silicones to support design for manufacturing (DFM). Silicones help remove the limitations of traditional optical materials. These lightweight moldable silicones provide design flexibility, unique shapes, manufacturing and assembly efficiency, and performance and durability in demanding environments.

We create unique lenses, TIRs, imaging optics and other products from high-quality moldable optical silicones. Our press sizes range from 55 to 200 tons, with maximum shot capacities exceeding 600 cc.

We have in-line, third-stream, color mixing capabilities for pigments or additives. We also offer insert and overmold capabilities for printed circuit board assemblies, metallic reflectors, thermoplastics, ceramic elements and other silicones.

The Arburg AllRounder 55-ton is one of several
machines in our line of injection molders.

Compound optics injection molded at LumenFlow
with our HPM machine.

65 mm TIR lens molded with optical silicone

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