Precise Laser Beams

LumenFlow offers low-noise, spatially filtered laser modules. These build-to-specification laser platforms are available in a range of wavelengths (400 nm to 1060 nm) and power levels (1 mW to 400 mW optical output).

Our lasers have excellent beam propagation, which is achieved through spatial filtering. This allows for lower-amplitude noise, while eliminating “feedback” paths that create mode-hopping effects.

LumenFlow lasers achieve a beam propagation axis to be within 0.7 mRads of the major mechanical axis. This greatly reduces the alignment time required for use in high-end metrology instruments. The lasers can be designed for either high collimation or high divergence outputs.

Our lasers are manufactured with customized alignment and test fixtures to ensure a high degree of batch-to-batch repeatability.

Fiber coupled laser module

3D profile of Gaussian beam – fiber laser output beam energy distribution

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