Imagining the Best Image

LumenFlow offers a family of Double Gauss imaging lenses, available in visible formats and in near infrared (NIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR) formats. Our semi-customized lenses are available in a range of focal lengths: 13 mm to 400 mm. These lenses utilize glass selection, radii and coatings to operate from 400 nm to 1600 nm wavelengths. In addition, LumenFlow optimizes the Double Gauss lens platform to be task-specific for your application. The lenses can be designed for either infinite or finite conjugates, which can be critical for instrumentation and machine vision imaging.

We use an integrative approach to achieve your desired optical performance goals. This helps determine the most critical optical parameter to optimize for your application. With this multifaceted approach, the source lighting and mechanical constraints are included.

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