Focused on Photons for Creative Optical Solutions

Precision in photonics is imperative. Without it, products can be inefficient and inaccurate and may not operate correctly. LumenFlow’s unique research, development and design processes identify the heart of the issue to create the right solution.

With our innovative, industry-leading photonics team, you can develop the precision you desire, hit optimal performance goals, improve production processes and increase your bottom line.

Applications and industries we serve include these and more:

Our solutions detect hidden defects in screws or bolts, ensuring proper thread counts and keeping cylindrical casings free from flaws. Our metrological technologies are both optically stable (providing higher resolution) and mechanically stable (enabling easier assembly and safer transportation).

Medical and Pharmacology
Our Raman spectroscopy-grade lens subassemblies are available in a variety of infrared and visible packages to assist in medical, pharmaceutical and metrological applications.

Defense and Security
Accurate ranging systems and calibration equipment are integral for tactical operations. We also provide visible and infrared aimers and illuminators to enable consistent and reliable targeting over long distances.

One of our core strengths is design for manufacturing and the precision assembly of photonics. Applications that have benefited from our work include Raman spectroscopy, automotive component imaging and laser-based measurement.

Our key offerings include:

  • Optical solutions including feasibility, prototype and manufacturing phases
  • Design, modeling and analysis of optical systems using OpticStudio from Zemax
  • Optomechanical subassembly design using SOLIDWORKS with Odesis from Optis and LensMechanix from Zemax
  • Assembly of the designed optical subassemblies
  • Component sourcing

A few examples of specific solutions we have designed include coupling optics, 360° Imaging lens system, optimized Double Gauss lens platform, and precise laser modules.

Coupling Optics


Illumination Optics

Imaging Optics

Laser Modules

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