Solving Optical Challenges

Compound lens and optics shape and direct light in unique ways. As a leading LED lighting innovator, LumenFlow understands the key optical and physical properties of optics design, using both traditional materials and silicones.

With optical silicones, we can create lighting solutions that are not practical or possible in other materials, such as glass. Moldable silicones are suitable for many applications, including surface-mount optics, secondary lenses, light pipes, light guides and optical components.

In this patented optic designed by LumenFlow, compound lenses are coupled with a light guide. Thanks to silicones, the complex shape was molded in one piece. This makes the lens easy to assemble and attach to the LED board. One small compound lens can produce a variety of shaped output patterns, as shown in the diagrams. For more information on this one-piece compound optic and how it can be used, read our case study.

Parts made with moldable optical silicones from Dow

Surface Mount Optics (SMO)

Our SMO design is created with two total internal reflection (TIR) lenses and has a unique attachment method. It can be soldered directly to the printed circuit board (PCB) during the reflow process.

Image shows LumenFlow’s patented compound optic, surface mounted on a PCB. Unique optics can be designed to utilize the surface-mount clip. This technology is patent pending

  • Electronic component tolerance — with automated optical inspection (AOI) results in component placement accuracy of +/-0.1 mm
  • Mechanical feature alignment and tolerance stack-up — solder + LED + lens position on PCB results in component placement stack-up accuracy of +/-0.3 mm
  • Comes off a standard tape and reel feed (pick and place)
  • Solder pads result in high-precision placement of LED and optic
  • Lens legs fit into alignment holes on PCB or other mounting structure
  • Our solution: use the IR reflow method to incorporate optical components into the system

Optics being placed with precision on a surface mount board.

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