High-Performance LEDs

Lighting for machine vision and instrumentation often has very stringent performance expectations. In these applications, LEDs are the light sources of choice — thanks to the light control, cost, safety and reliability when compared with conventional lamp sources.

LumenFlow’s background in precision photonics ensures a thorough and complete understanding of what it takes to meet your critical needs. We design illumination optics or systems that perform as required — the way you expect.

Main image design is patent pending.

LumenFlow can design and manufacture complex components. We use innovative materials, such as moldable optical silicones from Dow, which allowed us to create this patent-pending reflector. The reflector’s complex shape results in the mandrel being trapped in material during molding, but the flexibility of this silicone material allows it to be removed from the mold as one part — without needing to weld partial pieces together.

The design delivers higher system efficiency due to the material’s superior reflectivity. The reflector provides uniform light distribution with no hot spots or halo effect.

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