Innovation Illuminated

LumenFlow is with you on the journey from design to manufacture. We have developed lighting and illumination solutions for transportation, aerospace, commercial lighting, appliance, medical, machine vision, agricultural, architectural and other industries. We also continue to expand our capabilities to new sectors.

Because lighting solutions can be expensive and frustrating when they aren’t reliable or long lasting, we use innovative design and engineering processes to develop your unique lighting solutions that work. Processes that require homogeneous brightness or a certain distribution of light, for example, can be achieved with our custom optical designs.

In addition to the software platforms used for our photonics technologies, we also use powerful CAS and simulation software to analyze our lighting solutions, including Ansys SPEOS Premium.

Examples of specific solutions that we have designed include pole-top (acorn) LED retrofitlight reflector, image projectorLED downlightlinear lighting , compound optics, surface mount optics and more.

General Lighting


Image Projection

Lens Design

Light Shaping

Linear Lighting


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