Design & Engineering

We are passionate about innovating for our customers and our world. We are devoted to scientific inquiry and applying our best thinking to solve the lighting challenges you face every day. Our deep understanding of the integration of lighting, optics, electronics, processing and optical materials helps us design the right solution for your application.

LumenFlow provides a range of optical and photonics design services. From concept ideation and product engineering to manufacturing and assembly, we provide total solutions to meet your application challenges. We not only design optical lenses that reduce aberrations or perform a specific task, but we can also design the optomechanical housing for the lenses.

Our approach to improving optical performance is based on optimizing the most critical optical parameters and qualifying the tradeoffs for that application. In complex optical systems, we understand that even the smallest subtleties can diminish performance. For example, the addition of a beam splitter cube for auto aperture control will dramatically affect the field flatness and ruin the chromatic focal shift. We are careful with the details to provide the best outcome.

Our solutions are designed to save time, effort and money in your lighting systems. From concept to full-scale production, let us help you accelerate your vision out to the marketplace.




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