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Lighting solutions for transportation, commercial lighting, machine vision and instrumentation, appliance and medical applications need to be reliable and long lasting. With extensive experience in manufacturing, optics and mechanical engineering, our knowledge is across the lighting value chain. We work with our customers to deliver innovative designs, worry-free processing of their optics, precision, increased efficiency and high-performance results.

We know how to think big —
but also really, really small (at the photon level)

Insatiable curiosity drives us, and we don’t give up until we’ve found an effective, efficient solution to your challenge. We use a collaborative approach within our team and with our customers and other stakeholders. We are stronger when working together, and we believe this leads to the most innovative and lasting solutions.

We’re ready to be your partner in innovation.

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Our founders were engineers working in the design and manufacture of contractor-grade, laser-leveling devices. In 2000, they formed LumenFlow Corp. after seeing a need for custom optical devices and subassemblies. From the beginning, we have combined and leveraged our skills to answer photonics problems with solutions that were manufacture-ready, lean and cost-effective.

Since then, we have expanded our services beyond optical design to include luminance and illuminance engineering. This includes applications that can benefit from traditional materials or moldable optical silicones, which is an area of expertise that has helped customers in lighting and various consumer markets.

We help you develop leading-edge products with our practical optical technologies and the deep knowledge, experience and creativity of our technical team, made up of optomechanical, optical and production engineers.

In 2019, LumenFlow joined the global Ventura Manufacturing family. Ventura is an assembler of automotive and office furniture components and an injection molder of silicones, including optical-grade silicones. Together, we are focused on the design and manufacturing of lighting, optical and photonics systems, and subassemblies for diverse industries around the world.

Today, our headquarters is in Zeeland, Michigan, with facilities in the United States, Mexico, Hungary and China.


If you are interested in harnessing light and solving the world’s most challenging design, processing and manufacturing situations, you sound like one of us. Find out about current openings.