LumenFlow Corp. presents talk at Envision 2018

November 1, 2018 – Waylin Wing, Ph.D., of LumenFlow Corp. is giving a 30-minute presentation to industry leaders at Envision 2018, November 5th in Las Vegas, NV. This event brings together engineers and industry scientists to share new design techniques, methods, experiences, and technologies related to Zemax software. You can learn more about Envision 2018 here, and view Dr. Wing’s presentation on LumenFlow’s website.

This year, Dr. Wing will present LumenFlow’s work on a NASA-funded joint spectrometer project with Ozark Integrated Circuits. There is a need for compact, deep ultraviolet spectrometers for spacecraft during the entry, descent, and landing phase of space missions. To this end, research and development is needed for both the optical components and the sensing detectors to achieve this goal. LumenFlow is working with Ozark IC to develop the optical system design that allows for the dispersion of the deep UV wavelengths onto Ozark IC’s sensor chip. Using Zemax OpticStudio, LumenFlow is designing the optical system, and then utilizing Zemax LensMechanix to simulate and analyze critical aspects such as impact of stray light. To learn more about the spectrometer design and the use of Zemax OpticStudio or LenMechanix, please contact Waylin Wing at For inquiries regarding optical services and technologies, contact Mark Leonard at