LumenFlow presents talk on Optical Silicones at 2018 International Silicone Conference

LumenFlow is presenting a talk titled, “Moldable Optical Silicones – Material Introduction, Adoption, and Innovation from a User’s Perspective”, at the 2018 International Silicone Conference held on April 10-11. This conference is a biennial event, and this year takes place in Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA. Brian Zatzke, LumenFlow Corp. President, will be giving this talk.

Abstract: Moldable optical silicones present new opportunities for optical engineers to solve tough lighting and illumination problems. This presentation will offer an understanding of how these materials proceeded from introduction to adoption and highlight, from a user’s perspective, some of the unique optical characteristics and capabilities.

The 2018 International Silicones Conference banner

2018 International Silicone Conference

A link to the conference event can be found here. See an example of our optical silicone lenses here.