LumenFlow presents talk at the 2017 Optis Industry Day event

LumenFlow presented a 30-minute talk to industry leaders at the 2017 OPTIS Industry Day event on June 21st in Auburn Hills, MI. This event brought together OEMs, suppliers, engineers, and industry scientists to share new technologies, customer needs, and experiences using the OPTIS platform. You can learn more about this event here, and view LumenFlow’s presentation here.

This year, LumenFlow presented an overview of their work using Dow Corning Corporation® Optical Moldable Silicones and how unique solutions can be designed using SPEOS for SolidWorks. Silicone optics offer many advantages over traditional glass or thermoplastics for use in optical systems, and the growth of optical silicone in industries such as automotive is rapidly increasing. Using SPEOS for SolidWorks, LumenFlow is able verify both the optical and mechanical performance of these silicone optics before the prototyping phase. Currently, LumenFlow’s silicone optical components are being used in automotive, machine vision, and display systems applications. To learn more about these components and the technology, click here. To learn how you can use this technology in your application, contact Mark Leonard at