Illuminating Innovation

LumenFlow Corp. provides custom solutions to problems involving the control of light. These problems may be related to coupling, image forming, detection, illumination, laser, or other optics and photonics issues. By utilizing a team of engineers with diverse skill sets, we can provide customers with comprehensive solutions that include designing, modeling, testing, and manufacturing aspects.

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One of our core strengths is design for manufacturing and precision assembly of photonics. Applications that have benefited from our work include Raman spectroscopy, automotive component imaging, and laser-based measurement. Our key offerings include:

  • Optical solutions including feasibility, prototype, and manufacturing phases
  • Design, modeling, and analysis of optical systems using Zemax OpticStudio, and OptisWorks, add-ins for SolidWorks®.
  • Optomechanical sub-assembly design using SolidWorks® with OptisWorks Odesis and Zemax LensMechanix.
  • Assembly of the designed optical sub-assemblies
  • Component sourcing

To learn more about our capabilities and current technologies, please visit our Photonics technology page.

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Lighting & Illumination

LumenFlow has developed lighting and illumination solutions for the aerospace, transportation, agricultural, and architectural industries and continues to expand its capabilities to other sectors. Processes that require homogeneous brightness or a certain distribution of light may be accommodated using our custom optical designs. In addition to the software platforms used for our Photonics technologies, we also use SPEOS for SolidWorks® 2017 which includes the following packages and add-ons:

  • Photometry
  • Mass Fluorescent Materials Generator
  • Colorimetry Analyzer
  • 3D Textures
  • Multi-threading options

To learn more about our lighting solutions and applications, please visit our Lighting and Illumination technology page.

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